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When released, it included three Brazilian Stock Cars, and the then upcoming Brazilian Turbo Stock Car. External links Official site Category:2005 video games Category:PlayStation 2 games Category:PlayStation 2-only games Category:Video games developed in Brazil Category:Video games set in Brazil1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to new and useful improvements in reagent strips for testing body fluids and particularly to medical reagent strips for detecting specific substances such as blood glucose in aqueous solutions. 2. Description of the Prior Art Many persons have a need to test or monitor their blood glucose level at specific time intervals for purposes of treatment and control. For this purpose it is often necessary to insert a lancet into the skin and draw a small amount of blood from the wound which is then applied to a reagent strip where the presence of a specific substance in the blood sample is detected by a change in color. This test is a very useful diagnostic tool in determining the proper quantity of insulin or other medicaments to be administered to a patient. Numerous reagent strips have been proposed in the prior art and a number of these are presently in use. Most reagent strips are simply devices having a strip of paper or other suitable material which has a blood sample applied to a particular location on the strip and covered with a coating or reagent to develop a color indicating the presence or concentration of a specific substance in the blood sample. A color forming or dye forming reagent is usually employed in such reagent strips and the color of the reagent indicates the presence of the specific substance in the blood sample. One of the problems associated with many of the prior art reagent strips is that it is difficult to obtain a quantitative or colorimetric test which gives a precise reading of the amount of blood sample applied to the reagent strip. In an attempt to overcome the above-noted difficulties the prior art has resorted to placing the reagent strip and blood sample into a vial or other container such that a constant, slow-flowing stream of air is employed to move the sample through the reagent strip. These devices are often unsatisfactory and in many cases the amount of blood sample drawn and applied to the reagent strip is inadequate to form a detectable change in color in the reagent strip. Another problem often encountered in the prior art is that the reagent strip requires a particular time to be exposed to the blood sample and the delay between the application of the blood



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Stock Car Extreme

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