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Ep: 263 - Just Ask the Press - Howard Stern, Joe Biden, and media conglomerates

This episode of Just Ask the Press covers various topics, including the Supreme Court hearing on presidential immunity, the trial of Donald Trump in Manhattan, and the impact of these events on Trump's political standing. The hosts discuss the testimonies of witnesses in the Trump trial and the potential implications for the case. They also analyze the Supreme Court hearing and predict that the court will rule in favor of some form of presidential immunity for official acts. The hosts also touch on the health and energy levels of both Trump and Biden. In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics including Joe Biden's appearance on the Howard Stern show, the lack of substantive policy coverage in the media, and the influence of Marjorie Taylor Greene in the Republican Party. They also touch on the consolidation of media ownership and the impact it has had on journalism. The conversation highlights the need for more in-depth reporting and a focus on policy issues.

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