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Ep: 266 - Just Ask the Press - The Trump Trials: Michael Cohen's Testimony and the Battle of Narratives

In this weeks episode of Just Ask the Press we cover various topics including Trump's relationship with oil companies, Biden's Middle East missteps, Trump's trials, and the need for better reporting on policy issues. The hosts discuss Trump's willingness to do the bidding of oil companies in exchange for campaign donations, highlighting the potential negative impact on the environment and US manufacturing. They also examine Biden's contradictory statements on Israel and the lack of clarity in his policies. The conversation then shifts to the ongoing trials involving Trump, with a focus on the upcoming testimony of Michael Cohen. The hosts express different opinions on the effectiveness of Biden's policies and the challenges of communicating them to voters. In this conversation, the hosts discuss the upcoming testimony of Michael Cohen and the potential impact it could have on Donald Trump. They speculate on how Cohen's testimony could be used by both the prosecution and the defense, and the potential risks and benefits for each side. They also discuss the current state of the Trump cases in Georgia and Florida, and the possibility of Trump running for president again. The hosts also touch on the recent bipartisan cooperation in Congress and the potential for a less divisive political climate.

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