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Ep: 268 - Just Ask the Press - What is the 2025 project?

In this episode of Just Ask the Press, our hosts discuss various topics including Michael Cohen's testimony in the Donald Trump felony trial, the 2025 project, Joe Biden's campaign, and the future of the Republican Party. They analyze the impact of Cohen's testimony on the trial and the different interpretations of his credibility. 

They also highlight the alarming policies outlined in the 2025 project, which include dismantling democratic institutions and concentrating power in the executive branch. The hosts express concern about the potential consequences of these policies. Additionally, they discuss Biden's efforts to rally support and address the challenges he faces in appealing to the black community and young voters. The conversation discusses the messaging problem of President Biden and the lack of a clear message in his speeches. It also touches on the international tensions and hotspots, the divisive political climate, and the passing of political analyst Alice Stewart. The hosts express the need for more civil discourse and finding common ground despite political differences.

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