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Ep : 273 - Just Ask the Press - The Normalization of Trump

In this episode, our hosts discuss various topics including the G7 summit, Donald Trump's return to Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court's ruling on bump stocks, and the contempt vote against Merrick Garland. They highlight key moments such as Biden's comments on China's involvement in Ukraine, the normalization of Trump by Republicans, and the implications of the Supreme Court's decision on bump stocks. They also touch on the significance of the contempt vote and the potential consequences for Garland. Overall, the conversation revolves around international relations, domestic politics, and the rule of law. In this part of the conversation, the topics discussed include the power of the presidency, the erosion of the three branches of government, the potential impact of policy on taxes, the role of the media in focusing on gaffes instead of policy, the Hunter Biden conviction and its implications, and the potential future leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties.

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