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Ep : 276 - Just Ask the Press - The Debate, The Supreme Court, and should we have Hope?

The conversation revolves around the analysis and critique of the recent presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Brian and the guys discuss the poor performance of both candidates, with Biden struggling to articulate his thoughts and Trump resorting to lies and rewriting history. They also criticize the moderation of the debate, noting that the moderators failed to keep the candidates on track and hold them accountable for their statements. The conversation touches on the calls for Biden to step down and the belief that Trump is an existential threat to democracy. Overall, the debate is seen as an embarrassment and a missed opportunity for meaningful discussion. In this conversation, the hosts discuss the possibility of Joe Biden dropping out of the presidential race and the potential consequences for the Democratic Party. They also touch on the Supreme Court's decision to uphold an Oregon law banning homeless people from sleeping in public spaces. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, the hosts express hope for the future and the possibility of positive change.

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