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Ep : 277 - Just Ask the Press - Trump, Epstein, and the Supreme Court

In this episode, Brian and the guys discuss the Biden debate interview, the fallout from it, and the ongoing criticism of Biden's performance. They also touch on the release of information in the Epstein case that mentions Donald Trump, and the potential impact on Trump's legal proceedings. The hosts debate whether Biden should step down from the race and the potential consequences for the Democratic Party. They also discuss the recent Supreme Court decision granting Trump immunity for official acts and its implications for ongoing cases against him. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the media's coverage of Trump and the challenges of reporting on ongoing legal proceedings. In this conversation, the hosts discuss the recent Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity and the implications for President Biden. They also touch on the idea of expanding the Supreme Court and the challenges facing Biden's campaign. The hosts express concerns about Biden's cognitive ability and the impact it may have on his presidency. They also discuss the mistakes made by the Biden campaign in scheduling the early debate and the need for better communication and strategy. The conversation ends with a farewell to one of the hosts, Michael Zeldin, who announces his departure from the podcast.

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