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Ep: 259 - Gabriel Shipton - When will Julian Assange be free?

This week on Just Ask the Question. The U.S. continues to show its support for U.S. journalist Evan Gerskovich who has been jailed in Russia for a year for doing his job, but on April 11, Julian Assange will have spent 5 years in prison for publishing Wiki Leaks. The U.S continues its pursuit of Assange while members of Congress, world leaders and other journalists clamor for his release. What's the difference? This week a court in England gave Assange new hope for freedom - or did it? That and more on this special episode.


  • Julian Assange's fight against extradition to the US continues, with recent developments allowing him to take his case to an appeal hearing.

  • The extradition decision raises concerns about press freedom and the First Amendment, as Assange's work involves publishing classified information.

  • Assange's physical and mental health have deteriorated during his five years in prison, and there are fears that extradition could lead to his death.

  • There is growing international support for dropping the charges against Assange, and pressure is being put on the Biden administration to take action.

Key Quotes from the episode:

  • "The judges could have refused his application to appeal and ordered his extradition to the United States."

  • "The judges actually said to the prosecutors, are you telling me that if anybody publishes this information, any journalist publishes this kind of information, under what you're proposing, you'd be able to extradite them to the United States."

  • "First Amendment rights are also your right to know, your right to read the information as well."

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