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Ep: 264 Just Ask the Press - Hope Hicks, Kristi Noem, and the disappearing middle class

In this weeks episode, we discuss Hope Hicks' testimony in court, the press briefing situation in the White House, campus riots, and the potential impact on the upcoming election. We analyze the ongoing trial of Donald Trump in New York and the arguments presented by both the defense and the prosecution. We also explore the parallels between the current political climate and the events of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The hosts debate whether Joe Biden and his team understand the challenges they face and if they are effectively responding to them. They also discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene's attempt to remove Mike Johnson as speaker of the House and the potential implications of her actions.

The conversation in this segment covers two main themes: the potential impact of the Republican Party's internal conflicts on the upcoming elections and the issue of inflation and its political implications. The discussion touches on the lack of a clear endgame for the Republicans' efforts to remove Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the potential effect of these conflicts on down-ticket elections, and the possibility of Donald Trump using the situation to claim election fraud. The conversation then shifts to the topic of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem shooting her dog and the twisted purpose behind it. Finally, we discuss the lack of a comprehensive plan from both Democrats and Republicans to address inflation and the potential consequences of rising prices on the middle class. The conversation concludes with a discussion about price gouging and the high cost of tickets for events.

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