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Ep: 272 - Just Ask the Press - Contrasting Leadership Styles: Eisenhower vs Trump

This episode of Just Ask the Press discusses the contrasting weeks of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the legal cases involving Donald Trump and Hunter Biden, and the potential expansion of presidential powers by Trump. The hosts analyze Biden's speeches on the D-Day anniversary and his message of preserving democracy and resisting authoritarianism. They also discuss the Hunter Biden case and the parallels between the Trump and Biden cases. The conversation then shifts to the potential vice presidential picks for Trump and the implications of Trump's desire to expand presidential powers. The conversation covers various topics including the abuse of executive power, the clash between expanded executive powers and the power of the legislature, the potential impact of a second Trump presidency on the Supreme Court, and the urgency of addressing climate change. The hosts discuss the contrasting leadership styles of Dwight Eisenhower and Donald Trump, with Eisenhower taking personal responsibility for the success or failure of the Normandy invasion and Trump refusing to take responsibility for anything. The conversation ends with a discussion about the upcoming Father's Day and the White House congressional picnic.

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