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Ep : 275 - Just Ask the Press - The Rise of the New Axis of Evil

In this episode, Brian and the guys discuss various topics including the upcoming presidential debates, the new axis of evil (Russia, China, Iran, North Korea), and Steve Bannon going to prison. They analyze the potential impact of the debates on the election, the challenges faced by the moderators, and the foreign policy implications of the new axis of evil. They also speculate on the consequences of Bannon's imprisonment and his potential return to Trump's inner circle. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss the potential access that Steve Bannon, who was recently convicted and sentenced to prison, will have to a public voice while in prison. They also talk about the Supreme Court's recent decisions on bump stocks and disarming domestic abusers. They then shift the conversation to the upcoming presidential debate and the impact of climate change on the polls. The hosts also pay tribute to Willie Mays and Donald Sutherland, discussing their contributions and legacies.

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